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5 Reasons To Offer Wi-Fi

Offer a WiFi Hotspot service at your location:

  • Customers see WiFi as essential.
  • Customers return when WiFi is easy to use.
  • Safe to use with automatic content filter.
  • Social media integration gains you followers.
  • Reporting provides insights into customers.
  • Reliable service with on-call UK support.

Reliable, Safe and High Performance

An Enterprise solution at an affordable price.

  • "Our customers depend on connectivity. WiFi allows our coffee-lovers to conduct business, stay connected to loved ones, and of course for entertainment. With high-speed WiFi available throughout Blighty Coffee, our customers can count on reliable performance." Chris says, adding: "With 2020Media, we know the network is reliable, and we know it’s secure. That’s a huge help. Watch Blighty Coffee explain why they chose us.

    Chris EvansOwner, Blighty Coffee N4

Essential Features

Will your Wi-Fi service offer these features?

WiFi Facebook Integration

Facebook – While giving out free Wi-Fi, you can promote your own Facebook Page, get new “check-ins” and social recommendations from your customers. This increases your business’ visibility, customer engagement and sales. Check in to gain access Customers simply check in to your location on Facebook to connect to free WiFi. People will also have […]

WiFi PCI-DSS Compliance

PCI-DSS Compliance Report is a feature which addresses all of the PCI Data Security Standards, helping customers to build and maintain a secure network, protect cardholder data, maintain a vulnerability management program, implement strong access control measures, and monitor network security. Compliance with Telecommunication Laws. In the UK the law requires businesses to identify and […]

WiFi Hotspot Branding

Your Branding – Customise the login page with your company branding and logo for a more professional look and feel. Add terms and conditions, choose the colour, background image, etc. Setup a mailing list and reach out to your customers even when they’d left your store.

Still Thinking About It?

A Few More Features

WiFi Easy to use

Don’t make your customers traipse to the counter to get a Wi-Fi code. Studies show customers return to locations where the Wi-Fi was easy to use. Branded Welcome Page For guests, the system offers a branded Wi-Fi hotspot (SSID) which is “open” – no password required. On connection, the user’s browser opens and they are […]

WiFi Content Filter

Illegal/Inappropriate content Legally, the broadband contract holder is liable for the content accessed over their connection. Handing out the WiFi code gives no way of knowing who has accessed what. Family Friendly Our service blocks adult content, and has a host of settings to block other types of content if you want. The guest network […]

WiFi Manage Access Time

Control how long your users spend using your service. Give them an hour, a day or even a week. Set up access control with tokens. Create a “walled garden” of sites they can visit without restriction. Allow or disallow non-web traffic so people can get their email without needing to log on. Limit the availability […]

WiFi Hotspot Data Capture

Data Capture – you can customize what fields you ask from your customers. You can request email, phone number, or any other data you want to collect. A popular choice is birthday for integration with MailChimp to email the customer a birthday greeting and a voucher for their special day.

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